Week o' Filler: Goodreads
Gosh! Bristol!

Late April and Early May(hem)

Holy cow.

April 22nd: Jesse Bullington, Paolo Bacigalupi and Lauren Beukes are doing a Google Plus Hangout Conversation 2.0 Webchatthing. I have no idea what it is or what will happen, but the idea of Lauren Beukes and Jesse Bullington in the same place (even virtually)? Good lord. I expect, nay, demand madness. If this takes off, next time they'll do the "C" authors. 

April 24th: Lavie Tidhar interviewed by Edward James for the BSFA. Free entry, but there's a chance that Lavie will rewrite your brain with his Lovecraftian madspeeching. Starts 7pm, the Argyle Public House off Leather Lane. 

April 24th: If you prefer your mindmelting pictorial, Tom Gauld is signing You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (I am) at Gosh.

April 27th: Children's Illustration Day at Foyles, with Nobrow Books and their new imprint, Flying Eye. One of many events run by this amazing publishing (and their foxy new children's line).

April 29th: Lauren Beukes' UK launch for The Shining Girls at Forbidden Planet. 

April 30th: Lauren Beukes, Warren Ellis and Benjamin Percy at the Brixton Ritzy for The Kitschies, talking Storytelling without limits. Not sure what that means, I'll ask the modera...oh. Should be a great night. (Sold out, sorry.)


May 1st: Write the Future. A one day mini-con run by the Arthur C. Clarke Award. One hell of a line-up, with Lauren (again!), Ben North (HarperCollins), Matt Webb (Berg) and many other bright folks talking about bright stuff. (Day tickets for £15 off if you use the code 'futurekitsch'!)

May 2nd: Dark Societies at Waterstones Piccadilly. Another all-star line-up, with Adam Roberts, Frances Hardinge, Tom Hunter, Robert Grant and Anne (woo!) talking about awards and dystopias (the two aren't necessarily related, but who knows). 

May 2nd (uh oh): Teenytinysaurs launch event. Gary Northfield and the rest of the Fleece Station crew will be celebrating the dinotastic launch of this amazing new book at Bookseller Crow. There may be another event at the end of May, which is the only reason that I'm not frantically investing in black market cloning. But if you like dinosaurs or fun or art or tiny things or, uh, joy... 

May 2nd (laaaaate): Speculative Fiction 2012 AMA on Reddit. Justin Landon and I - plus (hopefully) many of the book's contributors - field questions about blogging and speculative fiction and, er, anything. No idea what should/will happen at this, so please, UK readers, stay up late and give us whatfor. 

May 3rd: Stay in. Watch Gilmore Girls.

Peeking even further ahead...

May 12th: Peter Cushing: A Centenary Celebration at the Cinema Museum with Jonathan Rigby and Bernard Broughton, to launch Cushing's complete memoirs and generally revel in the wonderfulness.

May 14th : Rachel Caine and Sarah Rees Brennan. There will be blood. Also, sultry love. Also, angst. Also, two extremely popular YA authors... Promises to be a very fun night.

May 15th: Lindsey Davis at Waterstones Leadenhall Market (12.30 pm). Signing (with one month margin of error) The Ides of April.

May 16th: Launch of Tripwire with one hell of crowd, including Michael Moorcock, Christopher Fowler and Mike Carey. Also at Foyles. 

May 20th: Jon Klassen THE DUDE WHO WROTE THE BOOK ABOUT THE BEAR AND HIS HAT is signing in Edinburgh. I wish I were Scottish. I would make him sign everything and then draw me a bear. And then sign that. WHILE WEARING A HAT.

May 28th: Joe Hill's exclusive London event (Foyles) to launch NOS4R2. (Pricy, but a good chunk of the ticket price counts towards the purchase of the book. Which, if you're going, you'll be buying anyway...)