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Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke - one month countdown

Stories of the Smoke - walrusStories of the Smoke, the anthology of Dickensian science fiction, is about to dissipate. Smoke was published in celebration of the Charles Dickens bicentennial and all the stories are themed around London. Past, present and (very far) future.

The Pandemonium shtick is that our ebooks are on sale for one year only and, for Smoke, that year closes at the end of April. This doesn't mean it will mysteriously disappear from your ereader (purchased copies will remain yours forever), but it does mean that Smoke will no longer be available for purchase!

Here's what makes up this lovely anthology:

  • Introduction: "The Nightmare City" by Christopher Fowler
  • "Inspector Bucket Investigates" by Sarah Lotz
  • "Uncle Smoke" by Archie Black
  • "A Dance of Life and Dust" by Aliette de Bodard
  • "Victory Year" by Alexis Kennedy
  • "The Collection" by Esther Saxey
  • "An Unburdening of the Soul" by David Thomas Moore
  • "Necropolis" by Jonathan Green
  • "The Knowledge" by Rebecca Levene
  • "Londoner" by Jenni van der Merwe
  • "The Unkindness of Ravens" by Glen Mehn
  • "The Pickwick Syndrome" by Kaaron Warren
  • "The Hound of Henry Hortinger" by Michelle Goldsmith
  • "Aye, There's the Twist" by James Wallis
  • "The City of the Absent" by Charles Dickens
  • "A Brief History of the Great Pubs of London" by Lavie Tidhar
  • "Bullseye" by Sarah Anne Langton
  • "Cuckoo" by David Thomas Moore
  • "Martin Citywit" by Adam Roberts

As with all our books, Smoke is a not for profit project, with proceeds going to English PEN.

The collection is illustrated by Gary Northfield, who did an amazing job channeling the tragicomic vibe of great Dickensian illustrators like Phiz and Cruikshank. Gary even used an old school dip pen, 'cause he's awesome.

Smoke is a corker of an anthology, the Pandemonium title that's gained the best critical reviews. The Guardian said it was "consistently entertaining, with several stand-outs", and called attention to the stories by Rebecca Levene and Sarah Lotz. Locus singled out Lavie Tidhar's story as one of their recommendations for the year. Dreampunk called it a "literary feast - a fantastic sampler of cutting-edge storytelling". 

Other reviews have called it "strong" (A Fantastic Librarian), "wonderfully crafted" (The Eloquent Page), "a major success" (Stuff & Nonsense), "well-written" (Disinformed) and, perhaps our favourite summary: "recommended to anyone that's looking for something a little different" (Paperless Reading). There's more on Goodreads too. 

Stories of the Smoke is available for £3.99 from the following retailers:

Amazon US

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