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Reading Between the Lines by Janine Ashbless and Adrian Tchaikovsky

Reading Between the Lines
Our latest novelette is now available for pre-order, but if you want one, you need to move very quickly.

Reading Between the Lines is an original story co-written by a pair of fascinating authors, Janine Ashbless and Adrian Tchaikovsky. Structured as a series of letters, Reading Between the Lines tells the story of two men. One in the city, and one in the real city. If you know what I mean... 

Both a mystery and a fantasy, Reading Between the Lines is a tale of secret spaces and overlapping worlds. A bit King Rat or Neverwhere, but in a smaller package. The cover and interior illustrations are by Vincent Sammy of Lost Souls, Crossroads and Something Wicked fame. 

As with our other novelettes, Reading Between the Lines is limited to 26 lettered, signed, softcover copies, at the slightly ridiculous price of £8 plus S&H. 

We offered Reading to the Pandemonium mailing list for an exclusive first chance to buy. As a result, twenty of the twenty-six copies are already claimed. If you're interested in getting your own copy, email jared at jurassic-london.com. It will not be available through any other retailer: online, offline or inter-dimensional. 

Reading Between the Lines will ship in May 2013.