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Stephen King's Joyland: Pulp & Popcorn Tour

JoylandStephen King's Joyland - the latest Hard Case Crime - comes out next Friday. The author is encouraging people to "stir their sticks" and go buy a copy of the book from their local bookstore. (A great philosophy, although apparently we're all pretending "Ur" never happened. If King's good with that, so am I.)

To support the stick-stirring, Titan have put a vintage popcorn machine on tour, accompanied by four "Hollywood Girls" (sounds like a burlesque night, actually from the book), dressed to match Glen Orbik's cover (shown on the right).

The machine and its escorts will be hitting:

  • Crimefest (Bristol) on June 1st
  • Foyles (Charing Cross) on June 4th (although there will also be popcorn handed out at the other Foyles locations)
  • Forbidden Planet (London) June 7th
  • Stoke Newington Literary Festival on June 9th

Pulp cosplay is nifty, but free popcorn? That's wonderful. I look forward to crunching my way around bookshops over the next few weeks.

It is worth noting that the Joyland limited editions are going quickly - the signed ones are already gone (no surprise there), but the hardcover, with Robert McGinnis art and a Dell Mapback-style reverse by Susan Yule, is still available. (Please note: the "Hollywood Girls" will be dressed for the Orbik cover, not the McGinnis one. Else they'd be very chilly.)