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The Lowest Heaven - Limited Edition

Cover - the lowest heavenThe Lowest Heaven is our new anthology of original fiction, published to coincide with the Visions of the Universe exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. It contains seventeen new stories of (vaguely) science fiction, each inspired by one of our closest celestial neighbours.

For added fun, the anthology is illustrated with photography and artwork from the archives of the Royal Museums Greenwich - and we've found some amazing (and eclectic) treasures. 

The whole thing is wrapped up in gorgeous art from Joey Hi-Fi. As well as the cover, he's designed a fold-out map of the Solar System that's included in the 100-copy hardcover limited edition. Joey talks about his work on The Lowest Heaven in a new interview over at the Royal Maritime Museum's Collections blog

The limited edition is on sale exclusively through the Royal Observatory - and you can pre-order your copy now.

As a quick reminder, the book includes stories from Sophia McDougall, Alastair Reynolds, Archie Black, Maria Dahvana Headley, Adam Roberts, Simon Morden, E. J. Swift, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Mark Charan Newton, Kaaron Warren, Lavie Tidhar, Esther Saxey, David Bryher, S. L. Grey, Kameron Hurley, Matt Jones and James Smythe.

The Lowest Heaven (in all its various formats) is released on 13 June. 

Items from the Royal Observatory’s collection of astronomical photography will also be on display as part of Visions of the Universe, alongside images from world-class telescopes and recent space missions. The exhibition opens in June at the National Maritime Museum.