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When Dreams of Yith Went to The Swap Hole

XbedslaveRex Weldon was a pseudonym for Duane Weldon Rimel, a personal friend of H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and other writers of the "Lovecraft Circle".

Mr. Rimel was the editor (with Francis Towner Laney) of The Acolyte, the first Lovecraft-related amateur magazine. He also contributed to some of the earliest fanzines, including Fantasy Fan.

Rimel's short story, "The Music of the Stars", considered one of the key contributions to the making of the Cthulhu Mythos.

His Mythos poetry, "The Dreams of Yith" was later revised by Lovecraft, with possible notes from Robert Barlow and Clark Ashton Smith as well. One of Rimel's original stanzas follows:

Amid dim hills that poison mosses blast,
     Far from the lands and seas of our clean earth,
Dread nightmare shadows dance - obscenely cast
     By twisted talons of archean birth
On rows of slimy pillars stretching past
     A daemon-fane that echoes with mad mirth.
And in that realm sane eyes may never see -
     For black light streams from skies of ebony.

Rimel's other titles include A Wife for the Taking, Limit for Laura, Party Wife, Neighborhood Swap, Sex Schedule, Bedroom Bingo, Swap Hole, Twin Stud Swap, Robyn and Her Sisters, Brothers and Sisters, Your Wife for Mine and Arouse Me!