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The Lowest Heaven - One week to go...

The Lowest HeavenOnly one week until The Lowest Heaven comes out!

After a night of seriously weird dreams (the printer had interpreted "matt varnish" as "fuzzy"), the limited edition has shown up and is... well... lovely. Also? Huge. I'm not sure why our books keep growing. But at 350 pages and 100,000 words, The Lowest Heaven is the biggest yet.

The limited edition is launched next Thursday night, 13 June. (An appropriate verb, given that the book celebrates the amazing astrophotography of the Royal Observatory Greenwich.) The launch party is one part of the "Visions of the Universe" late night. The evening runs 6 pm - 9 pm, our readings and signings will kick off from 7.30, so there's plenty of time to get drinks, play with a telescope, listen to poetry, taunt the jellymakers and see the exhibition.

Quite a few of the contributors will be there, including Sophia McDougall, Alastair Reynolds, Adam Roberts, Simon Morden, Mark Charan Newton, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Matt Jones, David Bryher, Esther Saxey, Lavie Tidhar and E.J. Swift. Plus the editors (hi!) and Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer for the Royal Observatory and author of the book's introduction. They'll all be signing, too.

Tickets (they're free), here. (Click the blue "Book Now" sticker.)

Facebook page for launch details.

The paperback and ebook versions are coming on 3 July - so the limited edition isn't just really damn attractive, it is also a three week head start. Given the size of the thing, you may need it.