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Announcing... Pandemonium: Ash

Jurassic LondonJurassic London are delighted to announce the explosive return to the world of Pandemonium. A Town Called Pandemonium introduced readers to a mysterious town in the American West. 1853 shared glimpses of the rest of the world, in that same fateful year.

Ash, coming in November, continues exploring the world of Pandemonium, thirty years later. In 1883, the great volcano Krakatoa exploded and shook the Earth. The stories in this chapbook explore what happened in the days that followed - days of darkness, shadow and, of course... ash

Pandemonium: Ash includes six original stories:

  • "Delft" by Richard de Nooy
  • "I Dreamt I Held Her Hand" by Nerine Dorman
  • "Wilderness of Duidain" by Dan Green
  • "The Raft" by Charlie Human
  • "Under the Sign of the Cockatrice" by Timothy J. Jarvis
  • "Waves" by Lavie Tidhar

Ash will be published this November as part of Jurassic London's series of digital chapbooks. .

For more information:

Ash (November 2013)

A Town Called Pandemonium (Out now)

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