Friday Five: The Best of Baldur's Gate
The Hard Case Crime Read: The First 20(ish) Titles

Full house

MelusineLast week's book purchases:

Edward Whittemore's Jerusalem Poker, Kate Milford's The Broken Lands, Sarah Monette's Mélusine and the annotated The Phantom Tollbooth. Mélusine, recommended by Liz as part of this thing, may have the worst cover I've ever seen. And, as a lifelong fantasy and science fiction reader, that's saying a lot.

Jurassic updates:

The Guardian had very nice things to say about The Lowest Heaven, with specific references to a half-dozen stories, including those by Sophia McDougall, Esther Saxey and Mark Charan Newton. Kind of awesome.

More interviews with The Lowest Heaven's authors over on J for Jetpack, including "High Fives" with Archie Black, E.J. Swift, David Bryher, S.L. Grey and Esther Saxey.

A Town Called Pandemonium is being given away on Goodreads. Less of a promotion (the book has been out for months) than a celebration of the BFS nominations.

There will be a Jurassic London surprise in the goodie bags at Nine Worlds. (Well, hopefully. It is a little tight with the print timings.) We're buddying up with SpaceWitch to make this possible. SpaceWitch is the lovely new publisher-friendly, reader-friendly site dedicated to selling independent science fiction and fantasy. It just launched last week, but already has a mass of great titles. It is worth spending some time browsing it, if you haven't already... (Anne and I will both be at Nine Worlds - come say hi!)

Opening submissions shortly for two more books - one anthology, one flash fiction chapbook. Exciting times!