The Biggest Fantasy Series of All Time is...
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Upcoming Events: Derry, Bristol, Secret Histories, Mummies and GOD

Upcoming events, and there are a few of them:

Age of GodpunkThursday, September 5: I'll be interviewing James Lovegrove at Blackwell's Charing Cross for the launch of Age of Godpunk (and general chat about the Ages of Ra, Odin, Zeus, Voodoo...). I can't promise that the conversation will be anything but free-ranging, but, given the subject matter, there may be a lightning bolt or two. The details are here (Facebook) and here (Solaris)

And some Kitschies goodness! Last year, one of the big pieces of feedback we got from our events was "LEAVE LONDON". Thanks to some fantastic new friends, we've been able to hitch our squiddy little prize to the underbelly of some great partners and make this happen.

Friday, September 13: The Kitschies hit the City of Culture! Off the Page: Storytelling without Borders is a day long creative hackathon in Derry~Londonderry, run by Social Innovation Camp and featuring workshops with creative professionals such as writers Tom Pollock, Lou Morgan and Den Patrick and editors Jenni Hill and Anne Perry. The day looks awesome.

Saturday, October 19: THE KRAKEN RISES! The utterly bonkers folks behind the Bristol Festival of Literature are running a day long creative writing competition and the theme is... Krakens! Run around and tell stories with authors David Gullen, Jonathan Howard, Tim Maughan, Emma Newman, Gareth Powell and Gaie Sebold. Plus, the top stories get published by Angry Robot and there's a cover contest for artists as well. Basically: KRAKEN. BRISTOL. AUTHORS. GO.

And... looking a little further ahead, a few "save the dates":

Monday, October 28: "Secret Histories". A panel at Blackwell's Charing Cross featuring three fantastic authors from different corners of the genre, all talking about... well, secrets and history. Details to come, consider this your secret teaser. We'll also be doing our Kitschies digital arm-waving ahead of time, so expect a lot of great guest posts, competitions and chit-chat on this very topic.

Tuesday, October 29: The Book of the Dead - launch night! Yup. Back-to-back nights, but that's part of the fun. There will be wine, revelry, readings and mummies as we join up with the Egypt Exploration Society to release this anthology from its tomb. More details to emerge on this as well. Probably the best thing to do is tag along on Facebook!


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