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Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

Introducing... Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

Joey Hi-FiHere's something new and fun!

Your hard-working Pornokitsch editors look at the massive round-up posts on other blogs with nothing but envy. Look at all that cool stuff! Where do they get it?! We've always wanted one of our every own.

But... how to do it differently?

The other blogs are all doing a lovely job of collecting the latest in book news, covers, TV updates and general nerdery. We're not a news site, nor do we want to be. How do we go about finding cool links that would keep people entertained?

So we hmm'd and haww'd and decided to work from first principles. Who shares links that we click? And for that, there's only one answer: Joey Hi-Fi.

If you follow the legendary illustrator on Twitter, you'll know that he's a one-man clipping machine of the surreal, bizarre and utterly wonderful. Plus, this is the "vibrating aboutness cluster" of a great artist's subconscious: all the bits and bobs that go into his brain as he goes about doing his fantastic work.

Starting tomorrow, we're pleased to announce that Joey will be dazzling you more-or-less weekly with an array of links, videos and other amusements to help keep you distracted on your lazy Sundays.

If you're not following Joey on Twitter, you can find him at @JoeyHifi. And if you've never taken the opportunity to stop and admire his work, now's an excellent time to do so...