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Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

Welcome to the Weirdness Rodeo - wonder and strangeness, courtesy of Joey Hi-Fi. 
You can follow Joey on Twitter at @JoeyHiFi and admire his work here.

The music video for Arcade Fire's new single "Reflektor", directed by Anton Corbijn. 

The Shining Girls Charity Art Show raised R95,000 for Rape Crisis! (

"Good Will Batman" trailer. Ben Affleck Batman and Good Will Hunting mashup. (YouTube)

I think I just peed a little. First person view "Mirror's Edge" parkour run. (YouTube)

Did you know R2-D2 has a cameo in Star Trek Into.. the wrath of.. I mean.. Darkness? (io9)

The Fiction Desk is looking for more short stories by women - pass it on (Fiction Desk)

"A Modern Trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Fantastic! Despite the wayward kerning on the actors names. (Neatorama)

Boy would I love to be in Chicago this October to see "The Art of Daniel Clowes" at the Museum of Contemporary Art. (Wall Street International)

Yes please. Full-album stream of Mark Lanegan's new album "Imitations". (AV Club)

Kumail Nanjiani playing 'Great Artist or Terrible Person?'on the Jeselnik Offensive. (YouTube)

For Tim Burton's 55th birthday, Cakenweenie collaborated with 100 culinary artists to create Burton themed Cakes. (Cakenweenie)

Professor Duncan (John Oliver) is finally coming back to Community! (AV Club)

3 ex-offenders read from prison chapters in the award-winning book Zoo City (Mail & Guardian)

AMC is moving forward with a Saul Goodman Breaking Bad spin-off! It is expected to be a prequel. (Geekosystem)

One of the world's first true robots has sold for $27,660 at auction (io9)

NASA's Voyager becomes the first spacecraft to exit our solar system. Until it returns as V'Ger of course. (NASA)

What a headline: "Butterflies are Monsters Who Drink the Tears of Turtles". Seriously though - they do. (Geekosystem)

In 1979 Kenner released this Alien glow-in-the-dark Xenomorph 18" figure - for kids. Amazing! (io9)

...and a hilarious parody ad: My Little Brony toy commercial. Best thing I've seen this week. (Cheezburger)

[Editor's note: Joey also spoke on The Money Show about the business of cover design - you can listen to it here.]