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Jurassic: New audio, new bundles and a mummy or two

Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

Welcome to the Weirdness Rodeo - wonder and strangeness, courtesy of artist Joey Hi-Fi. 
You can follow Joey on Twitter at @JoeyHiFi and admire his work here.


First clip from Terry Gilliam's "The Zero Theorem" is fantastic! Features ad for "The Church of Batman The Redeemer" (Topless Robot)

Teaser for a documentary about Tim Burton’s never-made ‘Superman Lives’. Superman vs “Giant spider” anyone? (Comics Alliance)

Introducing: Clonefiles USA (Angry Robot)

It takes a brave band to willingly choose to be the face of a zit cream. This ad beggars belief. (Twitter)

"The powerful private prison industry wants more prisoners, to maintain profits." This is terrifying. (Salon)

'Rio is beta than you'. Spotted this graffiti on a train ride to Simons Town Yesterday. #Rio #KingOfTheBetaMales (Twitter)

On my voyage to Simons Town yesterday - I discovered there is such a thing as 'Angel Therapy®'. Notice the ®. (Twitter)

First trailer for the Robocop reboot. (YouTube)

"Lost Dog: If found call... Ghostbusters". Tricks: Rolls over, Opens gateways to other dimensions. (Imgur)

Bill Murray as The Human Torch in "The Fantastic Four" radio series, 1975 (Dangerous Minds)