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Jurassic: New audio, new bundles and a mummy or two

Cover - town called pandemoniumStories in every format!

Dark Fiction Magazine have recorded three stories for audio for their special issue on the "outsider", called "ONE OF US":

They all sound magnificent and, better yet, they're completely free. (In fact, they're beyond free - they come with a cheeky discount code from Spacewitch.)

Amazon have started their Matchbook program of bundling ebooks and paperbacks. For shoppers on, you'll find the following books have been matched:

The offer hasn't been extended outside of the US... at least not on Amazon. Our chums at Spacewitch have picked up the slack, and you can get those same deals through their site.

We've also uploaded 'second printing' paperbacks of A Town Called Pandemonium and The Lowest Heaven to Amazon - the primary advantage of using POD is that we (the world's tiniest press) can sell all over the world. The secondary advantage is that we can (given some breathing room) make a few tiny typo corrections when we spot them. (For those that prefer their books locally printed, we suggest getting our copies through Spacewitch or Forbidden Planet).

October is looking very busy, with three new releases. Unearthed and The Book of the Dead are looking fantastic, and we're about to start taking pre-orders for the latter (hinthint-mailinglist-hinthint). The hardcover is strictly limited to 100 copies, and they're... something special. 

The third release is Ash, which, against all odds, is ahead of schedule. So we're moving it up a month. The stories are great, the cover is bonkers and, as always, it'll be free on all major platforms.

And, please don't forget - we're looking for submissions for The Rite of Spring and Irregularity. Click here for the details.