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A little help: non-genre books by genre authors?

On a scheme, and trying to think of non-genre books by famous genre authors.

  • Define "famous" as you will, as long as the author is better known for their genre than than non-genre work
  • Define "genre" as you will, I'm primarily thinking fantasy, science fiction, horror and crime, but western and romance would also apply
  • Non-genre = none of the above. (e.g. Elmore Leonard's westerns don't help, nor do Leigh Brackett's mysteries or Stephen Donaldson's crime or SF books)
  • By books, I mostly mean fiction (novels), but shorter work would also be ok... I'd rather not get into non-fiction (e.g. Lauren Beukes' Maverick or China Miéville's Between Equal Rights wouldn't really work)

A few examples:

  • Robert Chambers' commercial stuff (anything besides The King in Yellow, basically)
  • David Eddings' High Hunt and The Losers [these are exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for]
  • Mary Stewart's romantic thrillers? (Possibly)
  • John D. MacDonald's rather insipid domestic fiction, e.g. Contrary Pleasure
  • Robert E. Howard's boxing stories
  • Patrick Ness' The Crash of Hennington
  • Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine (Possibly)
  • Philip Pullman's The White Mercedes
  • Dorothy Sayers' plays - the religious ones and "Love All"
  • Stephen King's The Colorado Kid (shudder)

I'm sure there are some Le Guin, Donaldson and Lovecraft short stories that are eluding me, plus some obvious ones from Tolkien and Lewis.

Can you think of any? Doesn't matter if the author is contemporary or classic...