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We've been quiet about this until after World Fantasy and book launches and stuff, but I'm delighted to say that we'll be looking after the ALL OF THE BOOKS program for Nine Worlds next year. 

The team will be Jenni Hill (who did such an amazing job last year), Anne and me. As Jenni & Anne both have (big, important) editing jobs to do, I'll going to be the person on point. (I don't say this to make us sound like Spider Jerusalem & Filthy Assistants - just that I'll be doing the admin and email, so blame me for the stuff that goes wrong.)

Anne and I have pondered at length about "dream cons" and that sort of thing, generally concluding that we'd be better off avoiding them with the regulation 10 foot pole (plus lantern, grapnel and everything else in the adventurer's kit). But... we loved Nine Worlds last year - it is fun, lively, energetic, progressive, multi-dimensional, enthusiastic and fresh. We genuinely couldn't be more excited about being involved and only hope that we can maintain the high standards that Jenni set last year. We'll be organising the traditional panels and reading (including the return of the New Voices Slam Sessions), and also workshops, debates, swaps, speed-publishing and other interactive and bonkers whatnot. 

Please don't start emailing us with panel suggestions, ideas, availability or meal requests just yet. There will be a form set up shortly for all that sort of stuff. 

But if you're, say, an overseas visitor coming over for WorldCon and contemplating an extra week in lovely London, it never hurts to plan ahead for 8-10 August 2014. Or, if you're looking to launch a new book next summer, say, between 8-10 August 2014, and want a captive audience of enthusiastic readers... Just keep that in mind, eh? 

Tickets are on sale already. For 8-10 August 2014. Hint, hint.

If you do have burning questions (which we probably can't answer yet), please use this email: