Review Round-up: Madams! Savages! Wolves!

Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

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Motivational video of the day: mouse vs cracker.

"He-Man has more power than Jesus": Pastor and Author explain why 1980's toys are satanic. (io9)

Fantagraphics announces Kickstarter to help fund its 2014 releases. If you love comics - it's well worth supporting. (Kickstarter)

Holy. Shit. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire IMAX poster is gorgeous. (Badass Digest)

The Manicorn movie of your nightmares. (YouTube)

"Chinese Cinema Turns Thor 2 into a Steamy Bromance". (Kotaku)

Wow. Blockbuster has shut its doors in the USA. Soon video stores will be a fond memory. (Flavorwire)

The new Ms. Marvel is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager. The 1st Muslim character to get a solo series at Marvel. (Comics Alliance)

There's an animated Addams Family movie in development. (AV Club)

Archer's Pam Poovey and Doctor Krieger teach conflict resolution in corporate ISIS video. (Uproxx)

The Bizarre Street Art of Daan Botlek: Clever and haunting. (This is Colossal)

Beautiful 'Hand-Crafted Paper Portraits of Horror Movie Monsters'. (Design Taxi)

"POD wants to know you". David Cronenberg's weird online project. (Topless Robot)

Portraits of cosplay enthusiasts in their homes. (This is Colossal)

"Scientifically Accurate ThunderCats" animated short: "Thunder Thunder Scares Them". (Uproxx)

“Late for Meeting” vid. So bizarre. 'Weird floppy man' should get his own horror film franchise. (Incredible Things)

Holy hell. The c-r-e-e-p-y animatronic baby doll they almost used in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Badass Digest)

Looks like a great line-up for the Summer Seance II at Assembly. *packs OUIJA board & Whisky* (The Assembly)

Animations of famous paintings. "Cross training" had me in stitches. (Incredible Things)

Soon you'll be able to play Play Donkey Kong as Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon, Conan and Luke Skywalker. (Topless Robot)

Editor's note: Joey was part of the Android KitKat 'CHOCNOLOGY' exhibition on 7-10 Nov, which featured 3D-printed chocolate sculptures! Details here and Joey's robot can be seen here.

Editor's bonus note: 1916 film of an otter.