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Speculative Fiction 2012 (and 2013)

Speculative Fiction 2012

With Speculative Fiction 2013 on the horizon, I've taken the opportunity to rejig 2012 into a slightly prettier version. There aren't substantial differences, but it is a little slicker, a little easier on the eyes and, while I was at it, a little more typo-free. This 'second printing' is now available through Amazon US and Amazon UK (where it seems to be 20% off right now - no idea why).

All proceeds from the sale of Speculative Fiction 2012 are donated to Room to Read, so now's the chance to buy some amazing non-fiction and feel good about yourself for doing so.

And, don't forget, it isn't too late to submit your favourite online essays or reviews (either your own or those of others) for 2013, edited by Ana and Thea of The Book Smugglers.

Need more convincing? Here are just a few of my own favourite quotes from Speculative Fiction 2012...

"I feel that by limiting feminist expression to strong female characters only, we are shortchanging ourselves. If male characters are allowed to be strong, weak, broken, insane, anti-heroes – why can’t we have a range of female characters likewise? I think that writing women in a non-stereotyping way, as people with desires, weaknesses, strengths – is feminist. I want portrayals of women that are as vivid and varied as portrayals of men." - Rose Lemberg

"[Miéville] has created one genuine masterpiece, The City and the City, and several works of importance, chief amongst them Perdido Street Station, which represented nothing less than a paradigm-shift in commercial fantasy fiction but – like Neuromancer in its turn – could not turn its numerous imitators into anything but moderately talented hacks." - Lavie Tidhar

"It’s funny because whenever you challenge somebody to look around at the people in their lives who don’t fit dominant expectations of what men and women should be doing, they come up with hundreds of examples. But ask them to construct fictional worlds that contain that same kind of fluidity between gender roles, and it all goes to hell." - Kameron Hurley

"The overwhelming sense one gets, working through so many stories that are presented as the very best that science fiction and fantasy have to offer, is exhaustion." - Paul Kincaid

"I may transgress against the rules of SF because there are many things that I do not know about science fiction. I did not grow up surrounded and soaked in its language." - Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

"Imagine a female point of view character is going along about her protagonist adventure, seeing things from her perspective of the world as written in third person. She hears, sees, considers, and makes decisions and reacts based on her view of the world and what she is aware of and encounters. Abruptly, a description is dropped into the text of her secondary sexual characteristics usually in the form of soft-focus Playboy-Magazine-style sexualized kitten-bunny-I-would-fuck-her-in-a-heartbeat lustrous-eyes-and-nipples phrases. Her breasts have just become omniscient breasts." - Kate Elliott

All this and more...