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Friday Five: Help Wanted!

We loooooove our Friday Fives. They're fun, they're educational, they inspire a lot of debate and when someone else writes them, we get the day off.

Recent Friday Fives have covered everything from smut to military SFbooks that read like games and the best characters of Baldurs Gate.

We'd like you (yes, YOU) to write us a Friday Five in 2014. If you're reading this blog already, think of it as a favour for yourself - else you'll wind up with Anne & me doing something about superhero films for a sixth time.

Our mission, as always, is to take geek culture seriously - and Friday Fives are great opportunity to highlight something new and different. The more your list illuminates or introduces some specific aspect of geekdom, the more useful it is - we don't want 'the five best shows' or 'the five best fantasy books'; instead, think more along the lines of 'the five best post-Buffy shows with supernatural high schools', or 'the five best contemporary fantasy novels from France'.

Open our minds, broaden our horizons and, best of all, entertain us for an afternoon! 


- We're looking for short lists of five items, generally 700-900 words. We run them once a week, generally around lunchtime (UK time).

- Lists that are linked to your projects / books / blog / magazine / home videos are fine, but we're not really a platform for advertising. The list needs to stand on its own. (See: 'classics', 'games', 'military SF' - above.)

- You don't need to be a writer or an editor or other celebrity (cough) or expert. We'd actually rather hear from fans and other bloggers. Get us turned on to something geeky and new, please!

- Seriously: very keen on the 'introduces some specific aspect of geekdom' thing - especially if it is something that we don't normally cover on the site (e.g. games, tabletop games, comics, television...)

- Management reserves the right to refuse entry. (That is to say, we won't and can't take everything and we have to reserve the right to goodify ungood writery.)

- Scheduling will depend on how many people actually take us up on this.

- Please don't send us a finished list: leave a comment or drop me an email at editor@pornokitsch.com with your idea, and we'll take it from there.

Bring it on!