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Joey Hi-Fi's Weirdness Rodeo

Welcome to the Weirdness Rodeo - your regular dose of wonder and strangeness, courtesy of Joey Hi-Fi. 
You can follow Joey on Twitter at @JoeyHiFi and admire his work here.

Live action Mario Kart!

Some odd differences between the Star Wars movie and its own novelization. (

Buy' ngop! ('That's great news!' in Klingon). I'm happy to hear that Star Trek 3 will be Damon Lindelof free! (Den of Geek)

Twerking Miley Einstein figurine. Writer says 'file this one under Things That Should Not Exist'. Most definitely. (Incredible Things)

I've been listening to the satirical comedy podcast The Bugle this week. Bloody Fantastic. (The Bugle)

Trailer for the upcoming Godzilla film. Hell yes. (YouTube)

Santa Cthulhu in his Octi-Sleigh pulled by a shoggoth! (Neatorama)

‘Facehugger’ Scarf. (Uproxx)

Trailer for the Wachowskis' new film Jupiter Ascending. (io9) ...and here's the synopsis. Fun Fact: There is a 'Queen of the Universe'.

'American & British Governments May Have Spied on WoW and Xbox Live'. (Kotaku)

These are beautiful. Insanely detailed model “bonsai buildings” by Japanese designer, Takanori Aiba. (Urban Ghosts)

Fascinating animated short 'The Power of Empathy' - explains the difference between sympathy & empathy. (Neatorama)