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Jurassic London: That was 2013...

Jurassic London 2013

2013 by the numbers: 9 books, over 60 authors (more than 100 with SpecFic!), 5 artists, 4 editors, 3 award shortlists, a dozen 'Best of Year' selections and nominations and at least one sneaky surprise.

Jurassic London is a not-for-profit publisher and, thanks to our generous readers, this year we we were able to send donations to Room to Read, Epilepsy Research UK, Music and the Deaf, Samaritans UK and The Trevor Project (all charities selected and supported by our authors), as well as our partners at the Egypt Exploration Society and National Maritime Museum (both registered charities). 

A slightly more detailed look at what we published in 2013 lurks below the jump.

Cover - the lowest heavenAnthologies:

The Lowest Heaven, with stories by Sophia McDougall, Alastair Reynolds, Archie Black, Maria Dahvana Headley, Adam Roberts, Simon Morden, E.J. Swift, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Mark Charan Newton, Kaaron Warren, Lavie Tidhar, Esther Saxey, David Bryher, S.L. Grey, Kameron Hurley, Matt Jones and James Smythe. Cover and art by Joey Hi-Fi, edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin. Stories inspired by our closest celestial neighbours, published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Royal Observatory. [July]

The Book of the Dead, with stories by Gail Carriger, Paul Cornell, Jesse Bullington, David Thomas Moore, Lou Morgan, Molly Tanzer, Adam Roberts, Jenni Hill, Maurice Broaddus, Michael West, Sarah Newton, Glen Mehn, David Bryher, Den Patrick, Maria Dahvana Headley, Jonathan Green, Louis Greenberg, Roger Luckhurst and Will Hill. Art by Garen Ewing. Edited by Jared Shurin, introduction by John J. Johnston. New tales of the mummy - the first-ever anthology of its type. Published in partnership with the Egypt Exploration Society. [October]

Unearthed, co-edited with John J. Johnston of the Egypt Exploration Society, who also wrote an extended (and wonderful) introduction. Reprinting classic stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Théophile Gautier, Edgar Allan Poe, Louisa May Alcott, Julian Hawthorne, Guy Boothby, Herbert Crotzer, E. & H. Heron, Charles Bump and George Griffith. [October] 


Novelettes & Chapbooks:

Reading Between the Lines by Janine Ashbless and Adrian Tchaikovsky. Cover and art by Vincent Sammy. The fourth in our novelette series and limited to only 26 copies. It is a tale of two overlappipng cities, with a pair of increasingly unreliable protagonists (and lots of monsters!). [May]

Stocking Stuffer 2013, with stories by... well, that's a secret. Cover by Sarah Anne Langton. This year's (free) holiday treat features three authors writing fantasy/Georgian romance hybrids. Under pen names. Possibly NSFW? Certainly NSFS (not safe for sanity). [December]


Cover - 1853The world of Pandemonium:

A Town Called Pandemonium, with stories by Will Hill, Sam Sykes, Scott Andrews, Chrysanthy Balis, Den Patrick, Archie Black, Osgood Vance, Jonathan Oliver, Sam Wilson and Joseph D'Lacey. Art by Adam Hill. [This is a bit of a cheat - hell, Town was a BFA finalist for Best Anthology of 2012 - but due to printer issues, the hardcover wasn't released until February 2013 and it had a lot of bonus material, including a new story from 'Islington Calhoun'.] [February]

1853 with stories by Jonathan Green, Marc Aplin and Laura Graham. Cover by Adam Hill. A free chapbook. These three stories are all set in the titular year (the same year as the events Town), but outside of the United States. [February]

Ash with stories by Charlie Human, Nerine Dorman, Lavie Tidhar, Richard de Nooy, Dan Green and Timothy J. Jarvis. Another free chapbook - this time set in 1883. Following the explosion of Krakatoa all sorts of weirdness comes out to play. [October]



Speculative Fiction 2012, co-edited with Justin Landon. Cover by Sarah Anne Langton. Containing fifty of the year's best online non-fiction, including work from Christopher Priest, N.K. Jemisin, Joe Abercrombie, Kate Elliott, Kameron Hurley, Adam Roberts and several dozen of the best bloggers, reviewers and essays in the SF/F community. [April]


...and 2014? It is going to be really cool.