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2014: Resolutions, Challenges, Fussing About

Well, that's 2013 done. And we totally did, like, several of the things we tried to do. Not bad!

Here are our thoughts about what we'll be blogging about in 2014:

Friday Fives every week. We had some great ones in 2013. They're a great way to do guest posts and they're weirdly educational. Want to take part? Let us know!

Other places. Anne's now chatting away about everything (film, books, cover art, more) over on Hodderscape. And I'm going to be a fairly regular presence over on Tor.com as part of Under the Radar and a new series that will be coming in January (alas, not another KJP reread. Maybe in the future...). We're both also dicking about with tumblr.

More Hard Case Crime, YA and DGLA. In 2013, I tried to review a Hard Case Crime every week. (I made it to July.) I'll get back to it. I had slightly more success reviewing the year's crop of David Gemmell Legend Award finalists. The reviews were fun, the reading was interesting and the discussion was a blast. I'll get back to that too. Finally, I've made YA into an actual site category. More coming!

EVERYTHING ELSE. My reading challenge for 2014 is to read evenly across three categories: pre-20th century (I may fudge this to pre-WWI), 20th century and post-20th century. The reviews will adapt (suffer?) accordingly. I'm pretty excited about it. For now, at least.

As with 2013, Anne won't be reviewing books, but she's solemnly vowed to resume writing regularly about films and television. Please join me in staring at her like this.

Anne here: I've actually made a new year's resolution - my first in years and years - to match Jared's reading challenge with a viewing challenge. And it is... 101 films, each of which must be new to me and each of which I must write up on Pornokitsch.

The goal is to broaden my viewing horizons; like Jared, it'll be a mix of stuff I know I'll love and stuff I really ought to know more about. Please stop staring at me like that.