Review Round-up: Red Rising and Charm & Strange
Film 101: There Will be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2007)

Film 101: A Year of Film

I said I'd review more, and that it'd be movies. And so it begins!

The project: Watch a hundred and one films in 2014.

The rules: They have to be films I’ve never seen before or films that I’ve only seen once, and not in at least fifteen years. (Like, I haven't seen Taxi Driver or Apocalypse Now since the mid-90s, and I'd like to watch them again.)

The format: This will evolve as I go along, but here's what I've been doing so far:

  • Viewing format and location
  • Whether I've seen it before (if yes, why I'm revisiting it.)
  • Synopsis
  • Hookers, victims & doormats: Anyone familiar with my Monsters & Mullets reviews knows that I get a little pissy about how women are represented in fantasy and SF films. This project represents a marvelous opportunity for me to get really mad about the widespread mis-, under- and otherwise problematic representations of women in film overall.
  • Conclusions

I have wide-ranging taste in cinema, and there's a lot I'm looking forward to educating myself in, so this should be a fairly chaotic journey though a hundred years of film. See you on the other side!