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Sprucing things up a bit...


We'll see how this goes, but, starting this week, we'll be running fiction on Pornokitsch. Bear with us as we experiment on the best way to do this, but we've got a few ideas and a few wonderful writers on board.

To answer the two big and immediate questions:

1) Yes, we will be paying. But as you may have noticed, we don't make any money on this site (no ads, no affiliate links, no mysterious brown bags of cas), so it is either coming out of our lunch money or Jurassic's less-than-opulent coffers (which, again, not-for-profit, so, you know, hey). Which means we'll probably focus a lot on reprinting Jurassic work and public domain oddities. But when we using someone's work, we'll pay for it. And this counts existing Jurassic stories, as "throw it up on a blog" rights aren't included in the contracts.

2) No, we're not open for submissions. We'll see how this works before dragging more innocent people down with us.

As with all our schemes, this has about a 4 to 1 madness to method ratio, so bear with us as we iron things out. 

The good news is, as noted above, it is kicking off this week. Drop by at lunchtime on Wednesday Tuesday for a free read of one of my very favourite 2013 stories...

Jurassic London

Speaking of which... new site is live. It still has some teething problems, but we're getting there. The site even has its own blog, purely devoted to Jurassicky things: rounding up reviews, releases, submissions, etc. 

There's no ecommerce, nor will there be in the near (or medium) future. After much experimentation (that 4:1 madness/method ratio again), we think the best way to sell our limited editions is a) first, directly through our mailing list and b) second, via selected retailers or partners. 

Friday Fives

Finally - thanks for all the Friday Five pitches - we've had a ton, and they're great. We're still open to ideas, but, please note that we've now got articles for every Friday though to the end of March. I think we'll keep quiet for a while, then make another call for help in a month or two.

Thanks again!