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Nine Worlds: Tickets, Programming and All of the Books!

9Worlds_GeekFest_2014This summer's Nine Worlds convention is moving at pace - in case you missed it, the hotel booking link is now live:

The convention runs from August 8 to August 10, Friday to Sunday.

There are a lot of reasons we really like Nine Worlds. Things like this feedback report are one of them. Transparency, accountability, listening, adapting - all stuff that reminds you that cons (hell, all fandom 'structures') are there for you, not the other way around. Check it out. Amongst other things, it reveals that we're all in one hotel this year (woohoo!).

Jenni, Anne and I are looking after the ALL OF THE BOOKS track this year. Part of that is just coordinating with Fanfiction, LGBTQ+, Comics, Academia and Creative Writing - they've been amazing, and what's the point of having all these wonderful geeky interests if we don't all collaborate? Our specific remit includes encouraging people to read, write, publish and discuss books, and we'll have panels, workshops and interactive thingies on all aspects of that spectrum. 

As well as all the fantasy, SF, horror and speculative whatnot that you might expect, there are three mini-themes we're trying to develop this year:

  • Young Adult. We're really excited to be showcasing and discussing speculative fiction for readers of all ages. This is the hottest area in genre right now, and will be treated as such. 
  • Publishing. Both independent and traditional - we want to offer support that goes beyond the traditional "how to get published" panels. Whether that's finding an illustrator, using social media, handling feedback, we want to provide practical advice (in a fun way).
  • New Talent. Building on last year's (immensely awesome) New Voices, we want to create plenty of opportunities for new authors to strut their (literary) stuff. We've got some famous, wonderful Big Names coming, but we want to make sure that the next famous, wonderful Big Names get their share of the platform too.

As well as panels, we'll have talks, workshops, readings, signings and all sorts of interactive fun. We can't wait.

SO... if you're a reader, writer, publisher or discusser of books, formal or informal, amateur or professional, and you're coming to Nine Worlds, let us know! 

If you would like to get involved, get in touch with us officially at allofthebooks at We've got a system set up to keep track of your interest and your contact details. (That system breaks if you express your interest through tweets or blog comments, so official email to official email address, please!)

Our details are here - as are those for all the other tracks.