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No Harm Can Come to Three Glazed Tigers

GlAZE_COVER_FRONTOne hell of a day for new releases:

Nick Harkaway's Tigerman - kind of about superheroes and technology and post-colonialism and father-son relationships and loneliness and YouTube and the actual concept of 'awesomeness'. The first chapter is here or you can buy it anywhere - let's say, Foyles.

James Smythe's No Harm Can Come to a Good Man - which is about politics and the panopticon and terrifying algorithms and standards of perfection and THAT HORRIBLE CLAUSTROPHOBIC CHOKING FEELING WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WRONG SO WRONG AND YOU CAN'T STOP THEM. I've reviewed it here, or you can buy it anywhere - say, I dunno, Blackwells.

Sarah Lotz's The Three - which is about the end of the world (maybe?) and things going oh-so-subtly disturbing and not being able to sleep at nights and My Little Pony and internet culture and conspiracy theories and human frailty (and not-human worse-than-frailty). Stephen King loved it, which is a pretty good sign that it just might be the best thriller of the year. I haven't reviewed it properly, but I've written a little about it here and, if it helps, I said this about it too and, boy, it is a great one. You can buy it anywhere too, so how about... Waterstones.

And, of course, we release the limited edition of Kim Curran's Glaze today. This one's about social media and adolescence and fitting in (or not) and the herd mentality and protests and privacy and growing up and getting along with your mom (mum) and the right to vote. I haven't reviewed it, because that would be pretty corrupt, but here are a lot of people who have. Plus, I liked it enough to publish it. Which hopefully says something. You can buy the ebook on Amazon and the hardcover from, well, me.

Any one of these books would be a contender for "best of the year" style praise. Getting all four on the same day? Unbelievable.