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Irregularity - Cover - PaperbackIrregularity is about the tension between order and chaos in the 17th and 18th centuries. Men and women from all walks of life dedicated themselves to questioning, investigating, classifying and ordering the natural world.

These brave thinkers dedicated themselves and their lives to the idea that the world followed rules that human endeavour could uncover... but what if they were wrong?

This anthology is published to coincide with Ships, Clocks and Stars, a major exhibition on the story of the quest for longitude at sea National Maritime Museum. The Museum has also our partner for the creation of Irregularity, including access to their archives for materials, imagery and inspiration.

The launch party is at the National Maritime Museum this evening, as part of their Dark and Stormy Late. Hope to see you there!

A huge, vast, immeasurable thank you to all of the contributors: writers, artists, proofreaders, fact-checkers, image-finders and launch-makers. This anthology had a vast army of irregulars (sorry) behind it, and it wouldn't have been possible without them.


  • "Fairchild's Folly" by Tiffani Angus
  • "A Game Proposition" by Rose Biggin
  • "Footprint" by Archie Black
  • "A Woman Out of Time" by Kim Curran
  • "The Heart of Aris Kindt" by Richard de Nooy
  • "An Experiment in the Formulae of Thought" by Simon Guerrier
  • "Irregularity" by Nick Harkaway
  • "Circulation" by Roger Luckhurst
  • "The Voyage of the Basset" by Claire North
  • "The Assassination of Isaac Newton by the Coward Robert Boyle" by Adam Roberts
  • "Animalia Paradoxa" by Henrietta Rose-Innes
  • "The Last Escapement" by James Smythe
  • "The Darkness" by M. Suddain
  • "The Spiders of Stockholm" by E. J. Swift

Afterword by Sophie Waring and Richard Dunn, Head of Science and Technology at Royal Museums Greenwich. Illustrations by Gary Northfield and the National Maritime Museum, cover by Howard Hardiman.

Paperback - UK / US

Kindle - UK / US

Hardcover via National Maritime Museum