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Where's Pornokitsch? (Nine Worlds / LonCon Edition)

Here's where we are - and how to find us - at the two big London conventions this summer.

Nine Worlds

We're there from Thursday night to Sunday night, doing the wild and crazy ALL OF THE BOOKS thing. Generally speaking, you can find us in the BOOKS room (County C&D), but we're also planning ahead and making sure that we can do lots of other activities (I'm desperate to steampunk-style a Nerf gun and Anne's off to gin tasting...)

As for actually being on programming, Anne will be chairing the following debated:

  • Dragons vs Werewolves vs Vampires vs Warlocks: The Ultimate Deathmatch Smackdown (Saturday, 11.45)
  • Spock vs the Sorcerers, SF vs F: The Genre Deathmatch Smackdown (Sunday, 11.45)

And I'm moderatin', Texas-style:

  • Westerns (Saturday, 15.45)

We are both on:

  • CoffeeKitsch (Saturday and Sunday, 9.15 - 9.45) (Less of a panel, more of a 'have some coffee and hang out with us as we rustle paper around and figure out what we should be doing that day')
  • Wow. So Panel. (Sunday, 17.00)

But, again, we'll be around all weekend - so please, please, please come, introduce yourselves and chat for a bit! If you're a morning person, the CoffeeKitsch is meant to be a chilled-out sort of thing, where we can all introduce ourselves properly and make new acquaintances (also, free coffee).

There will be tons of Jurassic London books on sale in the dealer room and the CoffeeKitsch is sponsored by The Kitschies. 

The Nine Worlds programming can all be found here.

Bloggers at WorldConLonCon (WorldCon)

Anne's on the following programming:

  • Truth in Trash (Saturday, 12.00) 
  • Simply the Best [the mandatory awards panel] (Saturday, 16.30)
  • The Editorial View (Sunday, 12.00)

We're both at the Hugo Awards (look for: 'back row', 'dinosaur onesies', 'inappropriate giggling'). 

And, finally, we're teaming up with Justin (Staffer's Book Review), Ana and Thea (The Book Smugglers) for an informal blogger hangout on Saturday, 9 pm in the 'Fan Village'. This is not on the programme (or part of the official programming), we're just, you know, hangin'. Please come along!

If you spot us, please say hi! We look forward to meeting a lot of our online pen-pals in person.

The LonCon schedulematronic doohicky is here.