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The Big Book Drop - 27 September

The Big Book DropWe're hosting, alongside The Book Smugglers (our close friends and deadly rivals!), 'The Big Book Drop" - an afternoon at a central London venue where folks can swing by and drop off their unwanted books. 

It'll be a nice chilled out afternoon - we'll find a venue that serves snacks and drinks, and it'll make a pleasant post-crazy-summer chance to see one another and hang out.

All the donations will go to Give a Book and English PEN. You may remember tables supporting PEN at WorldCon and Nine Worlds, we want to continue showcasing the generosity of our literary community.
As book lovers, many of us have a massive stack of books that need to find happy new homes. Getting rid of books can often be a heart-breaking activity, but this is a chance to do it all in one fell swoop - guilt-free and for a great cause. (We're especially thinking of our fellow bloggers - review copies have a tendancy to pile up, and there's often no discreet way of moving them on to new homes.)
We'll be at the Seven Dials Club (42 Earlham Street, WC2H) between 2 and 6 pm on Saturday 27 September. If you have books - new, used, unwanted, unloved, finished, whatever - please bring them along.
The details, such as they are, are here:
We'll be updating the Facebook page with more information as we have it.
To make things exciting - each book is worth one raffle ticket, and we'll be holding a drawing for  some of the more exotic donations. We've got a few rarities of our own to start the pile - and if anyone has anything else that is fancy-shmancy, that sort of donated prize would be great. Signed stuff, proofs, collectibles that don't quite fit your collection, that sort of thing...

Here's what you can do:

  • Come along, have a drink and say hi - we love meeting our virtual friends in person
  • Bring books - new, used, first- or second- hand
  • Donate something fancy for the raffle

If you can't make it, you can still help:

  • Donate something fancy for the raffle (possibly something intangible, like a service? Or that you are ok to post to the winner?)
  • Spread the word
  • Support English PEN and Give A Book in their other initiatives - there are lots of petitions to sign, ongoing fundraisers or perhaps even a membership!
This is all - in case you can't tell - rather hastily improvised. But let us know if you have any questions - and please spread the word!