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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this important message.


Quoth the Kansas City Star:

The Royals will play in the World Series.

Saying or hearing or reading those words will send chills down the arms of fans across Kansas City and beyond. This is the kind of thing that always happens somewhere else. Not Kansas City, where they tailgate hard because they know that might be the best part of the day...

So much of the joy is that they’ve done this here, in Kansas City, where this is appreciated and celebrated in a way that perhaps no other place in baseball could. Celebrations run hotter and harder when fueled by a generation of pain.

This is the organization that lost a game when the first baseman was hit in the back with a throw to the plate and the next day announced him as their All-Star. This is the franchise that literally flipped a coin to decide if Runelvys Hernandez or Jeremy Affeldt would be the opening-day starter, lost 310 games in three years and didn’t bother with a team picture one year because, and this is a direct quote: 'Who would want a picture of this team?'" 

Image: Tammy Ljungblad / Kansas City Star