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Convention Tips, Tricks and Guides

Hosting, planning or attending a convention or event? A few handy links follow. 

(Doing end of year bookmark tidying, but I wanted to keep these in one place - especially as they might be useful to others.)

Please add more links and recommendations in the comments and I'll keep the list updated.


Handy list of resources from the Society of Authors - includes a checklist for events and guidance for festival organisers

Very thorough checklist for organising events via Natura

Long list of event-related apps


25 tips for hosting an author event via Sarah McIntyre

Writing an anti-harassment policy by Geek Feminism

4 steps to moderating a great panel - Forbes (Ignore the title, actually about planning and prepping a panel)

Free or cheap venues in London

"Three days running up and down corridors" by Ruth Booth (Being a volunteer, including 10 tips)


Advice for authors attending a convention via Den Patrick

Packing for conventions by Gail Carriger

The importance of proper dress - also Gail Carriger

Attending a con as a pro - Effie Seiberg (at Beverly Bambury Publicity) 

"Everything you need to know for surviving a convention" - Lifehacker

Working the room: how to network effectively - Guardian

"Schmoozing 101" - Mary Robinette Kowal

Selling & Trading

Brian McClelland on the economics of a book fair

How to sell at conventions by Richy K Chandler

Being a bookseller (LonCon3 Edition) by Forbidden Planet's Danie Ware

Panels & Workshops

10 tips for moderating a panel -  Pornokitsch

More tips for moderating, organising and being on panels - also Pornokitsch

"How to moderate a panel like a pro" - Harvard Business Review

Moderating tips - Julia Rios

Various formats for meetings & workshops - RSA

"How to run a good workshop" - Scott Berkun

"A guide for the perplexed moderator" by Elizabeth Hand and James Patrick Kelly