Friday Five: 5 Greatest Pygmalion Stories & The Pleasure Merchant
Review Round-up: The Twelve, Lazarus, This One Summer & Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

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SmilersFair...and awards season begins again. Like the appearance of Christmas kitsch in shops, the the Goodreads Choice Awards seem to edge earlier and earlier every year. Still, voting is fun.

Also on the horizon: BSFA awards. There is a slightly different nomination process this year, so if you're a member, have a read.

"I really wanted to address a Western cultural – very Christian – belief that suffering is somehow ennobling. I think suffering is far more often the reverse: it’s deeply corrosive, and that’s what I wanted to explore. Which is probably why a lot of my characters head off in directions you’re not expecting." - Bex, interviewed at Fantasy Faction.

Anne Leckie and Kameron Hurley (and The Kitschies) all profiled in The Atlantic.

"New Worlds was never supposed to be a nostalgic enterprise.  But, perhaps, publishing a speculative fiction magazine is." - Warren Ellis on the (re-)death of the re-boot of New Worlds Magazine.

(We mused about SF magazine/platform 'brands' in the past - so that's more grist for that particular mill.)

Two definites for next year's calendar: Nine Worlds (7-9 August) and - because there is a Santa Claus - the Kansas City Chiefs are coming to London (1 November)

After a brief period of leaderlessness (sadly, no bloody revolution ensued), Phil Lunt has stepped up as Chair of the British Fantasy Society. Wish him good luck in the forums or on Twitter at @phil_lunt.

"Fatale is less Noir from a femme fatale’s perspective than Weird Noir exaggerating and exploring the a femme fatale’s allure" - The Cultural Gutter on Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip's Fatale

The November issue of The Big Click is out, with a focus on Oakland. 

"How much can you or should you protect [teenagers] from the darkness that will inevitably seep into their lives? Even puberty, Abbott seems to indicate, is a sort of 'witchcraft.'" - Mahvesh on Megan Abbott's The Fever.

Molly Tanzer announced a new novel, The Pleasure Merchant, coming in 2015 from Lazy Fascist.

The latest episode of the One Comic Podcast takes a long, lingering look at Vertigo's Yellow - an anthology comic that is, as the title says, very yellow.

NaNoWriMo alternatives: NaNoDodo - writing advice from Hodderscape. Or Dinovember, which is... well, exactly what you think. Except cuter.

And, finally... The Book Smugglers are giving away all three books in Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle (including a limited edition Tarot card set).