'On Martian Life' by Percival Lowell (1906)
Friday Five: 5 Greatest Pygmalion Stories & The Pleasure Merchant

Our weekly stories are now on the Kindle

Well, to be more accurate:

Our (original) weekly stories are now (available for pre-order) on the Kindle (and are coming out next week).

Black PaintingsThe first four Kindled stories are:

All four stories were first published in 2014 on Pornokitsch.

I hasten to add - these are exactly the same stories that are available for free on the website. There's no bonus content, unless you consider finely-crafted xml and a nice bit of cover design to a 'bonus'. Nor is this a complicated get-rich-quick scam: these are listed for the lowest possible price.

The one and only goal here is to make these great stories available to a broader audience. I'm happy if people read them on the site, on their Kindle, on a boat or on a goat. (Please send in pictures of the latter.)

The archive of all our weekly fiction and non-fiction, original and reprint, here.

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