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What do genre readers look like? (According to YouGov)

Mirror MirrorThis is an immense amount of fun: YouGov have automated their profiling tool.

The Profiler is based on the results of the (enormous and ongoing) YouGov surveys. With 190,000 respondents, it has some serious merit to it, although the sample sizes do get small when it comes to niche interests (like, say, many types of genre fiction).

The Profiler also doesn't show the "typical" member of a given group. Instead, it tries to compare like with like and highlight any differences. The example they give is that if you research Downton Abbey, it compares the results to everyone who has rated any TV show.

So with the subsets of fiction (shown below), we can probably assume that these are highlighting the differences in comparison to folks that selected that they like any sort of book. 

This also leads to some oddities, as it is about that relative difference. Again, a YouGov example: many of the football teams are represented by a female character. This does not necessarily mean that most of the team's fans are female - it signifies that, compared to other football teams, that particular team 'overscores' for more female fans. 

It is also worth noting that the panel only includes adults age 18+. Which, especially with genre fiction, means we're missing a big chunk of the audience.

So, basically, caveat. In the actual-for-real-work-day-job, I use this tool (amongst many others), but only as inspiration or direction, and certainly not as a definitive portrait of a specific consumer audience.

All that said, it is a lot of fun, and wonderfully simple to use. You can learn more about how it works here.

Anyway, let's get to it, and see how fans of different genres compare:

InterestGenderAgeSocial GradePoliticsProfessionHobbyPetFood
Science Fiction Books Male 40-59 ABC1 Slightly right IT, engineering Video games Cat Katchuri Dhansak
Romance Fiction Female 60+ C2DE Very left Telecomms, advertising Knitting Fish Roast parsnip
Crime/ Thrillers/ Mystery Fiction Female 40-59 ABC1 Slightly left Law, entertainment Walking Cat Eclair
Fantasy Fiction Female 25-39 C2DE Center Government, agriculture Puzzles Bird Dobos cake
Comics and Graphic Novels Male 25-39 C2DE Left Entertainment, advertising Writing Cat Momo
Horror Fiction Female 25-39 C2DE Slightly right Marketing, achitecture Video games Cat Steak and kidney pudding
Children's and Young Adult Fiction Female 18-24 C2DE Super-duper left Media and publishing, research Knitting Cat Chana Masala

One specific comparison...

InterestGenderAgeSocial GradePoliticsProfessionHobbiesPetFood
Game of Thrones (TV) Male 25-39 C2DE Very slightly right Entertainment, media and publishing Video games Cat Pork gyoza
A Game of Thrones (Fiction Book) Male 25-39 ABC1 Very slightly right Research, education Video games Cat Hamburgers

Just to give you an idea of sample sizes - Game of Thrones (TV) is, at 3500, 10x larger than Game of Thrones (Book), which only had 367. But don't feel too sorry for Game of Thrones - that's larger than any of the categories above. Most of the fiction samples are around 130-150 people (with Horror and Romance both bringing up the rear with <50).

And a baseline (sample size, 58k):

InterestGenderAgeSocial GradePoliticsProfessionHobbiesPetFood
Reading Female 60+ ABC1 Slightly right Education, healthcare Board games Cat Sole bonne femme

Here, have a slightly misleading graph (I've added a few others to it as well):

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 20.03.40

Your turn... have a play with the profiler and see what you can turn up. Anything fun, please share in the comments, or send us a link.