Friday Five: 5 Favourites of 2014 (That Aren't From 2014)
Fiction: 'Jingle Hells' by Archie Black

Everywhere Else (& Shop Shop Shopping)

Chinese Life"So we're talking about slices from a standard large pizza then, right? Sitting in the restaurant? Five slices, I guess. After five slices, I become all too aware of my own piggishness. It doesn't help if you're eating with people who don't share your appetite. My wife could eat two slices of pizza at a restaurant and be satisfied, and I resent her for this, because I want to eat THIRTY fucking slices and not feel like shit about it." - Drew Magary on pizza shaming

Say hello to "Midnight in Karachi" - Mahvesh Murad's new podcast for The inaugural guest: Audrey Niffenegger!

London's lost female subcultures photographs at Dangerous Minds.

Smugglivus! The Book Smugglers' epic festival of cheerful guest posts is one of our favourite holiday traditions.

Zoe Quinn on ethics in games journalism! Seriously. Long post, with the back end meticulously detailing the hypocrisy of the gamergate movement. Quinn's points on 'gonzo journalism' and enthusiast press are relevant to all sorts of fandoms - SF/F and books included.

Rose Biggin writes lists.

"I would reject the notion that it has one meaning. It’s a symbol in context, sort of like memes." - an oral history of the poop emoji.

Shop shop shop

Stone Skin PressGaren Ewing - The Adventures of Julius Chancer, The Book of the Dead and Unearthed - has all sorts of treats on sale for the holiday season...

The SelfMadeHero sale is amazing. 25% off across all their titles, plus same day delivery in London. Also, a lot of their stock is signed and/or bookplated - stunning!

Every Day Original features a new, not-too-unaffordable, original work of art. Every single day.

The top 50 picks from Best Little Bookshop (also free delivery).

Mummies Around the World! The brand new and definitive guide to all things that go bump in the night (crawling-out-of-pyramids-variety) - complete with John J Johnston-written contributions on Doctor Who, The Book of the Dead and 'Egyptomania'!

Some rather foxy bundles from Stone Skin Press.

Gloriously geeky gifts selected by Hodderscape - including prints, jumpers and squishy toys.

Signed by Cary Elwes? As you wish.

NUNSIGNER. Er. Nunslinger, signed.