Fiction: "Chrysalis" by Becky Chambers
Pornokitsch: That was 2014...

Happy New Year! & Jurassic London Giveaway

Ring in the new year with some free books from Jurassic London!

New Year GiveawayPut to Silence by Rose Biggin (US / UK)

Four Seasons in the Floating World™ by Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer (US / UK)

The Kiss by Kim Curran (US / UK)

Black Paintings by James Smythe (US / UK)

Stocking Stuffer 2014 with Becky Chambers, Erin Horáková, Richard de Nooy, Paul Ford, William Curnow and Rose Biggin (US / UK)

Pandemonium: The Rite of Spring with William Curnow, S.A. Partridge, Rose Biggin, Martin Petto and Esther Saxey (US / UK)

Pandemonium: Big Jim's Shadow with Archie Black, Martin McGrath, Damien Kelly and Stuart Suffel (US / UK)

The Brick Moon by Edward Hale, with an afterword from Marek Kukula and Richard Dunn and a new story by Adam Roberts (US / UK)

Lost Souls, a complete anthology of reprinted and 'remastered' fiction, featuring stories by Stephen Crane, Robert Chambers, Mary Wilkins Freeman, and almost two dozen more, including original fiction by David Bryher and introductions by the editors (US / UK)

All of these are free on Amazon today and tomorrow (31 December and 1 January). Fill your boots!

An Amazon wishlist of all nine is here. And a complete list of all Jurassic London's 2014 publications can be found here