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Friday Five: 5 Favourite Books of 2014

Pornokitsch: That was 2014...

ChampersOur annual look into the mirror. Not that this is any way about narcissism. No. This is about the historical record and perserving valuable data and uh. Whatever. US. ALL ABOUT US.

By the numbers:

Total posts: 348

Books reviewed: 97 (excludes Friday FivesPost-Scripts and list posts)

TV shows, films and comics reviewed: 60 (also excludes Friday Fives, Post-Scripts and lists)

Eerily, although the total number of things reviewed is almost identical as 2013, the proportion of book/non-book reviews has changed in favour of the latter. That's due to Anne, Jon and Mahvesh. And Jared slacking.

Friday Fives:

We had a whopping 47 Friday Fives, which is pretty badass, and leaves us room for 5 weeks of improvement in 2014. A huge thanks to everyone that participated. 

If you're interested in taking part next year, here are the guidelines.

Grrls in Space Non-2014 Favourites of 2014 Android Games
American Football Fantastic Fiction with a Female Focus Space-Faring YA
Old-School Games The Apocalypse in Music Early African-American SF/F
South African SF/F Genre TV Shows Better than Their Original Movie Non-Fantasy RPGs
Classic TV Show Opening Narrations Fanfiction Alternate Universes Subversive Barbarians
Cocktails Overrated Films Disney Songs
Noir Maps Bristol SF/F
World-Building Games Lit Crit & Theory Books Surviving the Sh*tcanning of Your Writing Career
X-Men Trips to the Moon Fighting Fantasy
National Parks Family Friendly Fanfiction Settings for Stories
Personal Influences Films not to Watch with Family Science Fiction about Existing Technology
Soggy Science Fiction Cinema Positive Representations of Disability Meat
SF/F that aces the Bechdel Test Pakistani Action Heroes Why Michael Bay isn't Awful
Guest Appearances on The Avengers Things to do this weekend Conclusions about the TMNT Movie
Lessons from NYCC Things Fantasy Could Learn from Historical Romance Pygmalion Stories
More things to do this weekend Avengers Alliance Allies  


This was our first year of publishing fiction on the site. We've already analysed the hell out of this here, and a complete list of all the stories can be found here

Original: 8 (thanks to Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer, Rose Biggin, Amy Coombe, James Smythe, Adam Roberts, Kim Curran, David Bryher and Archie Black!)

Contemporary Reprint (2000+): 22

Classic Reprint (Pre-2000): 19

Non-Fiction: 12

Total: 61

We'll be opening up submissions in the spring.


Kameron Hurley Terri Hurley (Kameron's mom!) Lee Goldberg
Paul Wiseall Mark Charan Newton Kathryn Allan
Rob Berg Molly Tanzer David Bryher
Andrew Liptak (twice!) Amal El-Mohtar Lou Morgan (twice!)
Sarah Lotz Jon Morgan Mahvesh Murad


Not as many as previous years (unless, of course, you count the 47 Friday Fives and 61 pieces of fiction and non-fiction), but still awesome.

We're delighted that Jon, Mahvesh, David and Molly have since (rather foolishly) joined us as regular contributors. 

"Most Popular" Posts:

Well, normally we'd do a "Most Popular Posts of the Year" list, but someone (eep) who really likes to fiddle with the site's code (double eep) accidentally deleted our analytics plug-in. So apparently (triple eep) that's not going to happen this year.

That said, our most popular post of all time was this year - Anne's "We Are Sansa", which, last time I checked (October?!) had accounted for over a quarter of the year's total traffic. Wowsers.

In the absence of official metrics, here are ten of our favourite - and possibly the weirdest - moments from 2014:

"Hatchet Jobs and the Bad Review Syndrome" by Sarah Lotz (February)

The annual DGLA reviews (April - June)

"Poking at Awards: What does success look like?" (April)

"Crossing Over: Crisis on Infinite Earths" (May)

"Game of Thrones Season 4" ... not really a 'review', per se (July)

"We Are Sansa" (August)

"15 Marvellous Meats, aka THE MEAT DRAFT" with Mark Charan Newton (August)

"The Metallurgy of Action Heroes" (August)

The Big Book Drop with the Book Smugglers (September) [471 books!]

"Thunder in Our Hearts: The Music of Kate Bush" (October)


Most important of all:

Thank you. Thank you very, very much for sticking with us for another year. We love talking about, hosting, chatting, arguing and otherwise bullshitting about the stuff we, er, love. And we especially love that you take part in it with us. And that's a lot of use of the word "love". Before this goes full Hallmark - thanks again, have a fantastic New Year, and we look forward to having more fun together in 2015!