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Swift, "Spiders" and the Sunday Times!

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A few of the interesting articles we've spotted lately:

Amelia EdwardsRobert Maguire - one of the great pulp cover artists - a short profile, and a look at some of his cover models. (Some NSFW.)

The Egypt Exploration Society are following Amelia Edwards' famous trip up the Nile over on Facebook - with lots of her notes and photographs. 

DATA. Who reads in America? What sells in America? 

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH. How teenagers use social media. (Well, one teenager, at least.)

A beautiful, 100-year old typeface - resurrected from fragments found in the Thames. Absolutely being used in a Jurassic London title. 

"The History of Mana" - how an Austronesian concept became a video game mechanic.

James Machin digs up a letter from H.P. Lovecraft to Weird Tales publisher J.C. Henneberger, which includes some deliciously lurid ranting from HPL:

We have millions who lack the intellectual independence, courage, and flexibility to get an artistic thrill out of a bizarre situation, and who enter sympathetically into a story only when it ignores the colour and vividness of actual human emotions and conventionally presents a simple plot based on artificial, ethically sugar-coated values and leading to a flat denouement which shall vindicate every current platitude and leave no mystery unexplained by the shallow comprehension of the most mediocre reader. That is the kind of public publishers confront, and only a fool or a rejection-venomed author could blame the publishers for a condition caused not by them but by the whole essence and historic tradition of our civilisation.

The article talks about Lovecraft's relationship with - and almost editorship of - Weird Tales. Definitely worth reading.

Movies suck this time of year. This is a statistically proven fact.

People have been quietly inventing - and playing - a forum-based RPG based on Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic... for 15 years. I find this sort of thing oddly heart-warming. 

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Pornokitsch Contributors Doing Their Thing

Anne and Rebecca Levene talk The Hunter's Kind over on Hodderscape.

Hodderscape also has a profile piece on our cats. Because, Anne.

Mahvesh Murad reviews Sally Gardner's Tinder for Dawn. And interviews Adam Roberts for Midnight in Karachi.

Mahvesh also reads Usman Malik's “The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family”

And Jon, Bex and Jared all talked Star Wars #1 for The One Comic Podcast.

Molly Tanzer is editing the Lazy Fascist Review's "Lovecraftiana" issue. And she's looking for submissions. Details here.

Don't forget - Molly and Jesse Bullington are editing Stone Skin Press's Swords v Cthulhu. Submissions details for that one too.

Jared pops up on YA Yeah Yeah, singing the praises of Lloyd Alexander's Vesper Holly series.

We made donuts last weekend. This is apropos of nothing, but they were really good.