Underground Reading: Happy New Year, Herbie by Evan Hunter
Fiction: 'The Last Escapement' by James Smythe

Fiction: 'The Last Escapement' by James Smythe [AUDIO]


"I want my money! I shout these words at the council who decided these things, because the money is rightfully mine, and there are not many ways that I can subsist in this world without it. Because, what else is the driver? What else moves the world in the way that we likely expect? A deal, as I seem to repeatedly have to inform gentlemen, is a deal; and these are not men of their words, despite their protestations of the opposite..."

We have a very special treat for this week's free fiction. Not only can you read the entire (creepy) story of James Smythe's "The Last Escapement", but you can also listen to it!

The wonderful Mahvesh Murad (of Midnight in Karachi and, uh, here), has given James' story the glorious treatment it deserves. 

Read it here. / Listen to it here. / Buy the book here.