Friday Five: 5 Wicked Women of Comics
Non-Fiction: "On Writing Short Stories" by John O'Hara

"We knew her only once, on Ceres"

The Lowest Heaven

You will have heard of our mother, the astronaut Saga Wärmedal. She is famous, and she is infamous. Her face, instantly recognizable, appears against lists of extraordinary feats, firsts and lasts and onlys. There are the pronounced cheekbones, the long jaw, that pale hair cropped close to the head. In formal portraits she looks enigmatic, but in images caught unaware - perhaps at some function, talking to the Administrator of the CSSA or the Moon Colony Premier; in situations, in fact, where we might imagine she would feel out of place - she is animated, smiling. In those pictures, it is possible to glimpse the feted adventurer who traversed the asteroid belt without navigational aid.

We knew her only once, on Ceres.

You will have heard of what happened on Ceres.

E.J. Swift's "Saga's Children" was first published in The Lowest Heaven and was a finalist for the BSFA award last year. The complete story is free online here. 

Swift's Osiris Project trilogy concludes next week with Tamaruq. You can get a jump on it with pre-orders here. Or start from the beginning with Osiris