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New Releases: The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

Meet, like, everyone at Forbidden Planet on 7 March

IrregularityForbidden Planet are hosting a massive signing on Saturday, 7 March - 1 pm - 2pm. 

We're specifically celebrating the discovery of a lost box of the Irregularity limited edition, but the writers and artists will be signing all sorts of amazing stuff.

Attendees include:

  • Tiffani Angus
  • Rose Biggin
  • Richard Dunn
  • Simon Guerrier
  • Nick Harkaway
  • Roger Luckhurst
  • Adam Roberts
  • Claire North
  • Gary Northfield
  • Henrietta Rose-Innes
  • James Smythe
  • M. Suddain
  • E.J. Swift
  • Sophie Waring

So if you're keen on Touch, Tigerman, Tamaruq, Nineveh, Theatre of the Gods, Gary's Garden, No Harm Can Come to a Good Man, BĂȘte, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Osiris, The Machine, etc. etc. etc... come along!

There will also be non-limited copies of Irregularity for sale, in case you find the super-rare, unicorn-bound edition a little intimidating.

Event details here. 

And on Facebook here. 

And more about Irregularity here.