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Friday Five: Nice Things


Something different today. It has been a frantic - and, frankly - miserable - few weeks, and it feels like we've all had our fair share of grumpiness, death, argument and general awfulness.

So let's remind ourselves of nice things, and head into the weekend on a positive note.

The rules, such as they are:

Leave something nice in the comments - a link to something cool, a joke that made you laugh, a person that's done something that impressed you, or just a piece of good news

Please, no animals. I know internet behaviour is now based around cheering ourselves up with cat pics, but, for now, let's try to this with nice things people are doing. So no cat gifs or goats on things or adorable baby llamas. For now.

Please, no self-promotion. I bet you're all really nice people. But the purpose of this exercise is to point out nice things that other people have done. Which is a nice thing as well. 

That's it! I'll start us off with a few.

Happy Friday!