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Interview: "Hello, my name is K.J. Parker"

The Two of SwordsFor 17 years - since the publication of Colours in the Steel - the identity of K.J. Parker has been one of fantasy literature's most tightly-kept secrets.

Now, after a dozen novels, a collection of short stories, a handful of essays and two World Fantasy Award wins, K.J. Parker has stepped forward - as author Tom Holt.

And, although "it has been enormously fun being two people", today one of genre's great mysteries has been put to rest.

As grateful as I am (and I am exceedingly grateful - this was so much fun!) to Orbit for letting me spill the secret, I've - in a way - never cared. Parker has been one of my absolute favourite authors since I first stumbled on a battered set of the Fencer trilogy over a dozen years ago, and every new release from the author is a cause for celebration.

Which means, as fun as this is, the real excitement today is that K. J. Parker's new serial - The Two of Swords - is out now. Speaking as someone that woke up with the dawn and spent the morning frantically reading the first instalment before dashing (slightly late) to work - that's the big news. Great "Parker" is like no other, and The Two of Swords is already shaping up to be some of the author's best.

You can find The Two of Swords here.

Want to know more about the man behind the pseudonym? Parker has a fascinating interview with the Coode Street gang - listen to it here.

Parker also featured on earlier this week, discussing the merits of serialisation.

And, finally, a full interview with K.J. Parker will be appearing on this site later this week.