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Weekly Fiction: Open for Submissions


We're looking for short stories to publish on Pornokitsch.

What we want

  • Contemporary, relevant fiction that's fun to read!
  • We like technology and pop music and superheroes and fairytales and apocalypses and dinosaurs and the Gothic and zombies and fairy tales and the Blues and high school and bug-eyed monsters and ghosts and duels and and coming of age and Victorians and truck stops and romance and monsters (we love monsters)and spaceships and cities and magic swords and mysteries and and and and and...
  • Genuinely, we do not care what genre it is in. It doesn't even need speculative or fantastic elements to it. How's that for broad?
  • Please do not include anything that's linked to an existing world. The one exception would be if that existing world is public domain. (If you want to send something set on Wells's Mars or in the Castle of Otranto, that's cool. Just make sure we know that's what you're doing.)
  • A good story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. And characters. 
  • [Added from Twitter] The complete list of what we've published on this site in the past is here. And, of course, any of the anthologies from Jurassic London. They're pretty bonkers, but may give some hint of the stuff we like. (Maybe?)


  • 1,500 and 3,000 words. 
  • £30 ($50) per story. Digital rights only.
  • Exclusive for 6 months from publication. We'd like to keep the story up indefinitely, but if, after 18 months, you'd like to take it down, just let us know. 
  • Original, previously unpublished fiction only. 
  • Simultaneous subs are fine. Please let us know if the story is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please send stories as .doc, .docx or .rtf files, 1.5 line spaced, in a normal font. Make sure your name and email address are in the file, and not just in the cover email.
  • Send stories to [email protected] with [PK Fiction] in the subject line. 
  • Any questions, please leave in the comments.
  • [Added from Twitter] As for 'mature' content in the stories - PG-13 or less please. Despite our saucy name, we do family-friend offline events and such.
  • [Added from Twitter] By unpublished, we mean not available anywhere - so stories you've put up for free somewhere or on your blog won't work. Sorry! If you've substantially revised a story from an earlier publication, you can give it a shot, but please let us know this in your cover email.


  • Acceptances will be on a rolling basis. We'll endeavour to make sure you hear back within six weeks of submission.
  • All story reviewing and/or accepting and/or denying will be by me (Jared). This is only noteworthy because if you're trying this as a backdoor way of getting your work noticed by Molly, Mahvesh or Anne for publication elsewhere... please don't. For submissions to Stoneskin Press, The Big Click, Apex, Hodder & Stoughton or anywhere else, please go through their channels. (I'm not being paranoid, this happens. And seriously, that's not ok.)

The mission statement stuff

  • We like working with nice people. Please be nice.
  • We're keen to showcase and work with new voices, especially from writers outside of the US and UK.