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Stark Holborn, James Smythe and Rebecca Levene Events!

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Three of our favourite authors - and completely coincidentally, three frequent Pornokitsch contributors - all have London events this week. 

Tuesday night, Nunslinger's Stark Holborn joins Snorri Kristjansson as the guests of honour at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club. Proceedings kick off at 6.30 pm at the Grange Hotel. All details here, but pack your six shooter and some sippin' whisky. (Caveat: please do not actually bring a six shooter. And sippin' whisky is now longer allowed on public transportation.)  

On Thursday, Rebecca Levene celebrates the launch of Hunter's Kind at Forbidden Planet, starting at 6 pm. She's joined by frequent Pornokitsch contributor and grimmest-writer-alive James Smythe, whose Way Down Dark is also out this week! Details are here, but free entry and books a-plenty.

In case you can't make the events, you can order copies of the books here:

Hunter's Kind (via Forbidden Planet)

Hunter's Kind - limited, numbered edition (via Goldsboro Books)

Way Down Dark (via Forbidden Planet)

Nunslinger (via Amazon)