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PK Fiction: Submissions On Hold / Artists Wanted


An update on our search for stories - plus, we're looking for artist to go with them!

Fiction submissions on hold.

I'm going to pause the search for stories. But only momentarily. We've purchased, or are in the process of purchasing, almost a dozen stories. This will, with editing, etc, take us through the end of the year, if not further. I'm not comfortable buying more stories until I know exactly when I'll have the opportunity to publish them. 

However, this is a momentary pause - and not a complete halt. I'm delighted by the number of submissions, and the opportunity I've had to read so many fantastic new works. As soon as the publishing train gets further down the track, I'll re-open. 

We're looking for artists.

Because, you know, what's the point of having a dozen brilliant writers if you can't pair them with a dozen brilliant artists?

The terms and details are all here. But, essentially, they're exactly the same as the writers - £30 ($50), a limited period of exclusivity, and digital rights only. The exact 'piece' would - mostly likely - the sort of foxy landscape image that sits on top of the story's page. 

Please don't send me proposals - that'd be a waste of your time, as you don't know what the stories are. I'd like to see portfolios and examples of your previous work, please. I am completely open-minded to medium - pen, ink, photography, digital, animated gif, sculpture (?), you name it. No previous publication or genre-specific experience required.

Please email me a link to your website or online portfolio or even a email with a pdf in it (a single file, please - don't send me a stack of separate attachments). Then, if there's a stylistic fit with one of the stories, I'll get in touch to discuss and commission an original piece. Send to jared at with [PK Fiction] in the subject line.

I'll also be using this to build out a list of artists for future Jurassic London projects as well, so, please, get in touch - even if the terms and conditions of this project don't work for you, we may be able to make pretty stuff together in the future.