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How are your books organised? (Part 2)


We've been getting new shelves put in. A very exciting experience, although our friends are extremely tired of the kvetching we've laid down over the past few months. But now the shelves are here, and, as a result, we get to reorganise all the books. I am very, very excited.

Despite all the good advice - and better role models - that you've all provided, in all likelihood the final organisation of our books is going to be total chaos. Although we've tried alphabetising in the past, they all wind up gravitating together in strange, altogether personal, accumulations. Not entirely collections, as much as weak covalent bonds of book association that can only be perceived by Anne and/or me. 

So, why battle it? One thing we've always discussed is getting brass bookplates for shelves, a bit like some older libraries. The labels inside would be paper, so there's no firm commitment to what each said, but it'd be a fun way to decorate our shelves. 

The thing is, we don't want to do anything boring like "Fiction, A-B" or "Cookbooks" or even specific authors. We want to be more oblique. For example:

  • "Tentacular" = Kitschies finalists
  • "Detectives, Gin-Soaked" = Travis McGee mysteries
  • "Local History (Isola)" = Ed McBain's 87th precinct
  • "Rhinoceroses" = Patrick Ness

So, yes. Very oblique. 

So here's the challenge - what would you do? Think about your collections or aggregations of various books. How would you name them that would bring a smile to your face?