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Hellblazer: Shoot

Hellblazer Shoot

Once upon a time there was a comic that wasn't published because of its proximity in content and time to a real world tragedy.

The comic was an issue of Warren Ellis' Hellblazer run about US school shootings, and the tragedy was the Columbine Massacre. Eventually published over ten years later, Shoot says some difficult things about American society and the intersection of guns and youth - but is a fantasy horror series the best place for that discussion? Especially one starring a famously antagonistic British anti-hero with a low opinion of US culture at the best of times? Obviously we couldn't resist having a root around these very issues on the latest One Comic.

And don't get us started on Jared's latest colourful interpretation of the the idea of "Top three and worst one ever" - somehow three plus one equals nine this time around.