Fiction: 'The Dragons of Kraków' by Michal Wojcik
(Our) Year in Review

Three and One Times Three In One Comic


If you can't partake in unashamed self-indulgence at Christmas, when can you? (Well, if you're Jared in a Comixology sale, pretty much any time.)

For our first ever One Comic Christmas Special we've taken our back-up 3&1 feature and blown it out to be a whole episode that doesn't feature our usual content at all. Like one of the 'stealth pilots' that those sneaky TV people do. Bex, Jared and Jon spend an hour with a cocktail in hand and a list of those comics we'd take on if every actual comic creator in the world mysteriously vanished and Tom Brevoort, Axel Alonso and Co. turned to their next most logical options.

On one hand, this is probably exactly what you think it is. On the other, it's possible that we might have come up with some takes that would surprise you. On yet another, I appear to have developed three hands. Cheers!