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Friday Five: 5 Fearsome Funko Pops!

Funko Pop! Squad

I tried, really, really hard to resist these things. Why are they popular?! Why are they fun?!! They're slabs of plastic! They have zero points of articulation! They don't do anything!!!

And yet... here we are.

I'm very fussy about my little collection, and feel guilty about picking favourites, but when I'm on a desert island and can only take five Funko Pops! with me, these are the ones I'm taking. 


WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST? I DON'T KNOW. But I love it. I love the look of disdain on her tiny face. I love the headphones. I love everything about it. She is the undisputed head honcho of my Funko colony.

US Agent

US Agent is kind of a crappy superhero. The super right wing Cap before Mark Millar made super right wing Cap into default Cap, because that's how he rolls. But I grew up on West Coast Avengers (a crappy team, let's be honest), and finding this guy felt like a win. I'll never outgrow the knee-jerk 'black costumes are edgier!' instinct.


Look how happy she is! Look at her! How do people get through the day without her?!


True story! I gave Anne three Star Wars presents for Christmas (Finn, Rey, a Rey action figure), with the condition that she got to keep two of them, and I'd take the third. I thought I was being very generous (she got to choose!), but the way she reacted, you would've thought I'd strangled Santa's reindeer right in front of her. So, shock of shocks, she kept all three. 

Anyway, proving some point to someone, I found a VARIANT Rey, which I like much more and is clearly cooler than the stupid Rey that Anne kept. And this is MY Rey and Anne doesn't get her. Christmas is stupid, and now I've somehow bought all the Reys.


Kind of a toss-up between Regina and Peggy Carter (she's holding a teapot!), but I love how this tiny plastic lump captures the ludicrously OTT nature of Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen. She's got ferocious eye makeup, an apple (which she's carried, what, once in the show?) and a surprising amount of cleavage. That's our Regina! #swanqueen


Have you Funko'd? (Or is it Pop!ped?) Please, confess your favourites as well. There's no judging here. Just jealousy.